Document Delivery

Document delivery is one of the services of JLDM Library that facilitates the borrowing of library materials and/or obtaining copies of published articles and book chapters to students, faculty, and staff.

Theses Repository

An in-house web application developed by JLDM Library to archive theses abstract for efficient and effective retrival of information.

Ask a Librarian

It's your fast and convenient way of getting your library needs within a day.


The online catalog of JLDM Library that helps the students, faculty, and staff upon searching the library resources.

Current Awareness

The LibraryPhilosophyMissionVision


The AUP-JLDM Library is committed to provide quality resources for the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of the University Communiy.


The AUP-JLDM Library is committed to support the research, instructional, and curricular requirements of the program offerings of the University by acquiring, organizing, preserving its resources, providing easy access to the resources through retrieval tools and appropriate information services.


The AUP-JLDM Library envisions to be one of the best Adventist libraries in the Asia-Pacific region by 2022.

John Lawrence Detwiler Memorial Library

Centrally located in our campus being the life blood of the university’s academic life.  Dr. Howard Detwiler whose big picture is displayed in front of the periodical section is the philanthropist who donated an amount for the construction of the whole library building. His son John Lawrence Detwiler studied and took medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. Right after of his graduation, he and some friends went scuba diving in Palawan where he met his untimely and tragic death. This is how AUP got its name – John Lawrence Detwiler Memorial Library.


The Library’s collection consists of books and non-book materials that support all the curricular offerings of the university in the college, masteral and doctoral levels. To date there are approximately 42K+ titles and 54K+ volumes of circulating materials. These are Filipiniana, Reference, and Circulation/Reserve collections. There are 250 titles of foreign and local periodicals. The multimedia section contains the electronics resources like CD-ROMs, DVDs and audio visual materials.
Titles of foreign and local periodicals