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Alib, Clarence T. A 5-circle incidence theorem
Palmero, Joseph C. A comparative study of Lernae Cyprinaea Linne. 1746 found in PUC and the one descrined in the literature
Alpanta, Jonabel R. A survey of the use of online resources at the Information Technology Center of JLDM Library
Belga, Elly Rachelle Ann R. Adoptation model using led lamps at Buklod Bahayan, Tartatria, Silang, Cavite
Quitaleg, Emily de Vera Adventist University of the Philippines information system
Mhayamaguru, Kubwimana Moses. Allelopathic potential of borreria ocymoides (Burm. F.) DC. (Landrina, Siksik-Parang)
Mangabo, Alford Glenn C. An assessment of extensive and intensive dairy production system in Laguna and Batangas
Dela Torre, Jeul Philip C. Analysis of pollen abortion of bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) and makahiya (Mimosa pudica) exposed to lead
De Guzman, Garrie Ant colony algorithm approach for solving the shortest path problem based on student's subject lineup
Tubilag, Edgar E. Anti-bacterial properties of Noni, : (Morinda Citrifolina) ethanol crude extracts
Manalungsung, Eric Tio Anxiety level of motivated and non-motivated fourth year students : a comparative study
Jagmis, Jiel Mark D. Approximating roots
Bacomo, Janeth V. Approximating sums of powers using euler-maclaurin formula
Virrey, Jolly Ann A. Archimedean convergent and the usual convergence
Sales,Dina. Arithmetic progression with three parts in prescribed ratio and the challenge of Fermat
Amistotoso, Jeric A. Assessment of International students information needs in a faith -based university : Basis for guide
Palad, Kareen A. Assessment of personality, aptitude, and interest of Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) major in Library and Information Science
Bobier, Cyrus M. Assessment of services, resources and use of Adventist University of the Philippines academy library : basis for services enhancement and resources enrichment
Carbonilla,Ciara Junette O. Assessment of the functionality of the academic librarians in the Philippines during covid -19 pandemic : Basis for enhanced guidelines
Domingo, Jelomy Attitudes and competencies towards technology as determinants of adaption ICT among university employees
Odon, Michael Jexter N. AUP clinic patient record management system
Quirab, Mynard Allen AUP English department online information system
Bonsol, Jeriel A. AUP guidance department filing and information system
Ngala, David John Paul AUP online dormitory reservation system
Lumbangaol, David AUP store POS system
Agabon, Dorothy Faye B. AUP students' exposure to films : its relationship with attitudes towards sex
Nieva, Alex Ralph B. Cantor's other proofs that R is uncountable
Beltran, Rosamond C. Characterization of Morinda Citrifolia, Linn.
Cruz, Jeremie Chizmark P. Classification and development of Adventist University of the Philippine shell collection
Conde, Ann Kristine Peñafiel Clinical and pedigree analysis-based screening for familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) among Filipino FH patients from selected hospitals in Cavite
Florenciano, Marie Delle N. Cocowater fermentation through Hugh and Leifson method for carbohydrate utilization test.
Fabrero, Marisol College student's capability and extent of using library resources
Carolasan, Ric Millicent R. Colorimetric detection of mercury(II) in water samples through silver nanoparticles synthesized using pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) fruit peel extract
Sibi, Rey Y. Comparative efficacy of boer goat feed with spent grain and rice straw diet
Waila, Reuben Comparison of hair lead (pb) concentrations in the hair of children in rapidly urbanized and suburban areas
Zaratan, Lirio Lachica Comparison of meta-analytic procedures for experimental and correlational studies on student achievement
Estoque, Ellen Neol M. Correlation of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to academic performance of Library and Information Science of the Adventist University of the Philippines
Fabella, Angela B. Correlation of learning styles and the soft skills approaches of 21st century library science practicum students of National Capital Region
Franche, Domingo P. III Design and development of an automated water dispenser upgrade device
Avellaneda, David John G. Design and development of automated smart street lighting system for the Adventist University of the Philippines
Galang, Kenneth Bill D. Determination of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid residual concentrations in Adventist University of the Philippines rice grain harvests using high performance liquid chromatography
Añonuevo, Shiela May C. Determination of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli in soymilk of AUP food factory
Aclan, Joshua Reden M. Development and assessment of an announcement notification system (ANS) with SMS
Salibio, Hearvie R. Divisibility tests
Fallaria, Philbert Dale P. Earth and sky construction supply inventory and billing system
Vegafria, Juarren P. Effect of ammonia on the egg production of starcross layers
Amin, Firuz Nasser Effectiveness of the do-it yourself mosquito trap with yeast generated carbon dioxide
Catimbang, Jocelyn O. Employment survey of library and information science graduates from 2000-2012 of Adventist University of the Philippines
Gocheco, Samuel D. Evaluation of real integral of some non- elementary functions
Santuyo, Johnn Reymond F. Extriangles and excevians
Fabregas, Loverizza C. Factors influencing students' use of John Lawrence Detwiler Memorial (JLDM) Library
Fabregar, Jake Raymund F. Finding antiderivatives of trigonometric rational functions using substitution method
Ambata, Patrick Paul T. Hilltop Adventist Elementary School student information system (registrar office department)
Benavidez, Daryl Adrienne Identification of gram negative bacteria isolated from cockroaches' legs found in Adventist University of the Philippines
Arrogante, Regine O. In vitro antimicrobial evaluation of leaf aqueous extracts of hanopol (Poikilospermum suaveolens)
Foliente, Deianira Infestation trend of subteranean termites (reticulitermes) to the trees on specific areas in PUC campus
Etejo, Leah Influence of accessibility and availability of library resources on utilization as mediated by awareness among college students
Molina, Naedilyn F. Irrationality of non integer monic polynomial roots
Amoguis, Aniline Enriquez. Isolation, identification and distribution of foliar fungal endophytes in mango.
Role, Jesse Autria Issues on the management of Filipino inventions : a critical analysis
Amistoso, Analiza Library and personal factors that influence the utilization of John Lawrence memorial library among college students
Mavingire, Lorna Life cycle of tussock moth (Lymantria curvifera) and phytochemical analysis of the host plant talisay tree (Terminalia catappa)
Nanas, Aljon E. Location of incentives and fermat points in variable triangles
Apellado, Lisette Microbial evaluation of the groundwater resource utilized for domestic purpose at the Adventist University of the Philippines
Apao, Zippora Mimicry behavior of nymphalidae family at Adventist University of the Philippines
Niamkey, Yves Emmanuel Monotone convergence theorem for Riemann integral
Saonard, Chelsea N. Morphological responses of onion (Allium cepa) roots to glutathione
Simpul, Jue Melissa Musical actions of dihedral groups
Baniqued, Joanna Nicole G. Mutagenecity potential of amorphophallus paeniifolius corm aqueous extracts using allium toxicity assay
Ferriol, Alpha Grace S. Mutagenicity of nitrite-based meat presenvative on onion (allium cepa L) chromosome structure
Bartolome, Arvin Marc Nuchal hump development and histological changes of flowerhorn fish (Cichlosoma citrinella) treated with a specialized feeding regimen
Morpi, Jenielyn L. Occurrence and diversity of enterobacteriaceae from the creek of Adventist University of the Philippines
Firmante, Aizza Joy S. Odd and even functions in terms of composition of functions
Bayron, Liezel P. On combinatorial arguments in counting spanning trees of K2,n graph
Torino, Jovanie G. On the generalization of the nine-card problem : its implication to mathematical pedagogy
Bael, Shen Lorraine G. Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity of snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) ethanolic estracts against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Cabriana, Naomi L. Phytochemical analysis of fresh lemon basil (Ocimum basilicum citriodorum)
Gemoto, Eben-Ezer M. Prince veterinary clinic sales and services management system
Vegafria, Neil John Protist abundance and diversity in landscape bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)
Acebedo, Karl PUC health foods stockroom inventory system for Adventist University of the Philippines
Agagas, Rowena M. Pythagorean triples : the hyperbolic view
Faderon, Jan Pauline P. Quaternions and Pythagorean quintuples
Taroquin, Marry Ann C. Relationship between quadratic residue and non- representable frobenius numbers
Anyanwu, Chiemela Response of growth and yield of Zea mays to two strains of Azospirillum brasilense
Naig, II Hernando D. Selective sums of infinite series
Rosales, Noriel Warren C. Some an ± bn problems in number theory
Valones, Von Ryan South Luzon multi-air inventory system
Grindulo, Ivan Carlo P. Species diversity of mangroves in the coastal area of Barangay San Juan and Barangay Bato, Panulukan, Quezon, Philippines
Botabara, Rodenna Student services center discipline monitoring system
Estoya, Gelanderwin C. Student's attitudes towards prayer
Baling, Jazelle R. Students perception on the reference section of Adventist University of the Philippines John Lawrence Detwiler Memorial Library
Barrios, Kim Zedric J. The development and assessment of Nozomi
Patingan, Julius Gacusan. The difficulties in mathematics of students from barangay high schools entering Philippine Union College first semester of school year, 1900-1991
Joseph, Shabana Saba The effect of crowding on the morphology of nature frogs and their offsprings
Rodriguez, Sarah M. The effect of Indian hydrocotyle leaf sap on incised wound in albino mice
Kelenduno, Insyaoninda B. The Effect of mahkota dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa L.)leaf extracts on the blood glucose of soft drink treated mice (Mus musculus)
Cebrian, Julie G. The effect of Mount Pinatubo ash on the growth rate of the Nostoc sp.
Amarasinghe, Lekamlage Don Aldous Silas. The equivalence of discrete convexity and the classical definition of convexity
Oquialda, Aliza Marie P. The group of primitive almost pythagorean triples
Paras, Chamaela F. The gyro-structure of the complex disk
Danghil, Jee Anne M. The median triangle in hyperbolic geometry
Supetran, Glazelle F. The operator (x d/dx)n and its application to stirling numbers and some series
Masi, Arline T. The Relationship of learning styles and the academic performance of Library and Information Science students of Adventist University of the Philippines
Busto, Jacquilyn C. The relationship of self-esteem to second vocational choice of AUP college students
Olarte, Moises I. The Riemann integral revisited
Casajeros, Sean Aldy R. Touching the Z2 in three dimentional rotations
Ilagan, Jazel E. Users' satisfaction of the reference section services of Adventist University of the Philippines John Lawrence Detwiler Memorial Library
Manafe, Nevins Gibson Website international students association of Adventist University of the Philippines
Imperio, Kyle Yield and growth performance of of pechay (Brassica rapa) in response to organic and inorganic foliar Fertilizers



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