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Navarro, Melinda E. A Case study on being a military wife dependent
Genis, Summer Gem R. A case study on individuals with depression
Doliente, Pearl Angelie S. A case study on patients with leukemia
Fabito, Lemuel G. A comparative study of the 1896 Philippine revolution and the 1966 EDSA revolution
Abacan, Abadel Chelu R. A comparative study of the emotional intelligence among inmates
Jefrey P. Sangcap A comparative study of the moral judgment of the senior students of Adventist University of the Philippines Academy, Baesa Adventist Academy, Baesa High School, SY 1998-1999
Ramos-Laguardia, Lourdes A content analysis of the 1974-1994 issues of the college voice
Rondonuwu, Simanungkalit Lasniroha Gueen A contrastive analysis of English and Indonesian adjectives with pedagogical implications
Cruz, Ronald N. A correlational study of occupational interest to personality, aptitude, intelligence profile of freshmen college student at Philippine Union College
Endaya, Kate Diane L. A phenomenological study in students who experienced parental loss
Pelawi, Azarya Ita Karina A Proposed piano music book for beginners ages 5-9 years old using Indonesian folk song as music material
Sarno, Myron Jenzo F. A Qualitative study on physical attractiveness : a developmental perspective
Lopez, Ace Alvin S. A Qualitative study on the experiences of teacher's kids
Angus, Adam Ronald E. A social support, self acceptance, and adversity quotient among residents of private treatment and drug rehabilitation centers
Discanso, Armando Jr. C. Adaption of Aeta emigrants in Batangas to modern lifestyle
Manurung, Ryandall Glevin Analysis of three choral arrangement of Filipino folksong
Lapidez, Hanjiemar B. Basic psychological needs satisfaction and academic performance of senior high school students as mediated by self-regulated learning
Zulueta, Michelle Dawn V. Behaviors of love : their relation to psychological well-being of college students
Fuentes, Rachelle F. Bullying experience : its influence on the ego-strength of high school students
Pangilinan, Ria S. Care-taking arrangement, it's realationships to emotional, social, and spiritual stability of adolescent
IV Relova, Rainier Lutgard A. Case study on the anxiety of orthopedic surgery patients
Beduya, Ramon Augusto Choosing music as a career among selected Adventist College students : a case study
Diamante, Rex V. Citizenship education program and its relationship to the political socialization of students
Catolico, Chlieforwyn C. Cognitive, physical, social and spiritual development of dormitory and non-dormitory students.
Solilapsi, Wedann Joana Desire G. Communication profile and information needs of university residents : Basis for a campus community broadcasting program
Hall, Victoria Catherine O. Communication sources and earthquake risk perception affecting protection motivation behavior among college students
Damocles, Alfredo A. Comparative psychological profile of college residence-hall students and non-residents in an Adventist educational institution
Diaz, Liwanag C. Congruency and perception regarding husbands' and wives' marital needs and needs satisfaction
Duran, Bryll Benzen T. Convergence of Traditional and Digital Fine Arts : Its implication to the 21st-Century Visual Artists
Castronuevo, Lyzer Gion A. Coping strategies of selected working students
Reklai, Eryn Customer satisfaction of foreign student services in selected institutions
Andres, Florante M. C. Determinants of communication levels among married couples at Philippine Union College
Relente, Eden Genanette J. Determinants of political cognition among public officials
Austria, Chris Edward Difference in attitude towards music between fourth year high school students in general music and music performance class
Esperenza, Ma. Teresa Abegail N. Effects of educational videos on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of grade five and grade six pupils towards money management
Esperanza, Ma. Teresa Abegail N. Effects of educational videos on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of grade five and grade six pupils towards money management. / by Ma. Teresa Abegail N. Esperanza
Riva, Janine Raisa R. Effects of reality shows and drama viewing on psychological well-being of housewives
Ong, Ara Jay M. Effects of religious small group membership to the spiritual empowerment of students in Adventist University of the Philippines
Becher, Tom Effects of rock background music on the recognition of English words
Cahyadi, Stefany Andy Emotional intelligence and college life satisfaction of foreign students
Erot, Darla Dennise F. Empathy and social responsibility of typhoon rescuers
Valencia, Abegail J. Experiences of embalmers : a phenomenological study
Silvestre, Orpha Jef S. Experiences of left-behind children on femininized labor migration
Perdon, Bealddues Levy F. Experiences of pastors' kids : a grounded theory approach
Artiaga, Kirstine Ann I. Experiences of typhoon Haiyan survivors : a phenomenological study
Balido, Hazel C. Exposure to spongebob squarepants and children's aggressive behavior
Magpantay, Chyril Sheica R. Facebook usage, belongingness, self-efficacy and self-worth : their relationship to self-presentation among adolescents
Danquah, Francis K. Factors affecting career decision-making of Filipino freshmen students at Philippine Union College
Villasor, Rogelio A. Factors contributing to job stress as perceived by migrant domestic helper of Kwong Yuen Estate Shatin N.T. Hongkong China
Castillo, Eva T. Factors related to career choice persistence
Oyiengo, Jackton Jonathan Faculty perception on individual music lessons : a case study
Francisco, Michelle B. Family functioning and its relationship to academic performance and social regulation among adolescents
Crucena, Katherine L. Family life experience : its relation to ego strength of teenagers
Torres, Michelle Rose T. Father absence and its relationship to development of autonomy among adolescents
Sta. Maria Janice Anselmo Fathers' influence on the adolescents' identity profile
Hilis, Assumpta Coeli S. Historical exploration of the unfinished construction of the Hispanic our lady of Atocha church in Alicia, Isabela
Tabang, Eden Valdestamon Influence of parental absence on personality factors
De Jonggoy, Nahum Cheer Marcha Internal and external factors influencing AUP students membership in fraternities
Cabasi, Candace V. Internet users perception of advertisement designs that incorporate the use of meme-based imagery
Carpizo, Ruben Klyde M. Interpersonal communication, social support, and self efficacy as predictors of socio-cultural adaption of international students in Christian university
Bernabe, Vic M. Involvement in religious small groups and its influence on students' psychosocial development
Carinan, Jake Gonzales Length of exposure to beauty and self enhancing television programs in relation to adolescent self-image
Guillem, Jeb Ghexis Life of an only child : a qualitative study
Averion, Adnah M. Life satisfaction of married and single professionals : a comparative study
Balverde, Shandy T. Lived experiences of police officer's children
Jimenez, Jeremiah Locus control and academic motivation to academic performance
Baldovino, Marissa Magsalin. Marital separation factors in relation to the basic elements of marriage.
Clemente, Vanessa Mediating effects of emotion regulation strategies to stressors study habits of college students
Geronimo, Jet Martine S. Mediating role of inner-resilience to indirect family violence and mental health among adults
Inoue, Misato Mediating role of quality of compliance to social support satisfaction and personal recovery among drug rehabilitation residents
Balani, Mark Joey E. Mixing art and business for economic sustainability by selected wedding photographers : a phenomenological study
Alvarez, Arianne S. Moderating effect of substance use on the relationship between positive criminology and risk of relapse among drug surrenderees
Mazo, Janice G. Moral judgment level and ordinal position of the selected freshmen students of Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1996-97
del Mundo, Abielle Roi C. Music preference, personality traits and spirituality among high school students
Pareno, Ruth. Needs assessment for proposed instructional materials towards oral and written communicative proficiency of remedial english students
Ocampo, Maylene H. Parental support and emotional hardiness of the working students
Famarin, Rowena Bernadette F. Parented by same-sex; The case of a Filipino Adolescent
Pumarada, Lorena Camoņas Parenting styles and the personal-social adjustment of the selected late adolescents of Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1996-1997
Soria, Billy Vincent Q. Peer conformity and negative risk-taking behaviors among adolescents
Kadarman, Geraldi Kurniawan Perceptions and expectations of Indonesian Adventist School leaders towards music education and Bachelor of Music in Music Education majors
Pineda, Ren Ryan V. Personalities : is there a difference because of ordinal position or gender?
Colegado, Carizza Jyn T. Personality factors and the manifestation of self-injury in adolescents
Dionzon, Nenvi Fame T. Phenomenological study on biracialism among Filipino adolescents
Quinanahan, Micah Y. Pre-deployment related stress, mental well-being, and vicarious trauma of military relief and disaster rescuers
Moreno, Analiza F. Predictors of adolescents frustration of Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1996-1997
Pernia, Mahalia Victoria G. Profile of the musically inclined students of Buenavista academy school year 1992-1993
Chiang, Kleent Nelson R. Psychological risk factors, social networking site usage and cyberbullying among adolescents
Zeta, Euodia B. Reflections of social issues in the Philippines through contemporary painting
Cube, Elrich Jhezrick A. Relationship between personality traits and social media usage to self discrepancy among adolescents
Culbe, Elrich Jezrick A. Relationship between personality traits and social media usage to self discrepancy among adolescents
Estillore, Joima Ruth C. Relationship of attachment to peer acceptance and academic attitude among overseas Filipino worker's children
Winnakhusliman, Angela Relationship of ego strength, interpersonal orientation self-esteem and marital satisfaction
Macatangay, Jennifer A. Relationship of self-esteem to procrastination among college students of Philippine Union College 1994-1995
Banzuelo, Maricris Religious practices and academic motivation as correlates of life satisfaction
Bangibang, Mary Jane M. Self-concept and its relationship to inmates coping mechanism
Tapeceria, Jovita M. Self-concept dimensions : their relationship to academic achievement
Sheryl Peranginangin Self-esteem and the level of satisfaction in love relationship : a comparative study
Romero, Rafael Paragatos Amba Self-esteem and the ordinal position in the family of the students of Adventist international institute of advance studies school year 1996-1997
Delos Santos, Jhoana Base Separation anxiety : its effect on emotional stability
Napolitano, Alexis Dave Simulated artworks with accidental results
Banua, Emmanuelle Jane E. Social contagion and consumers' preference in purchasing apparels
Bernal, Angelica Social issues during the republican period of China as reflected in Lao She's Rickshaw boy
Romantico, Marl Loui. Social media platforms as a means of artwork promotion by successful visual artists
Aguilar, Salvador P. Social media, online gaming and their relationship to emotional intelligence among adolescents
Rafanan, Reuben R. Social roles of the elderly in six municipalities in cavite : their determinants
Manzano, Alexis Maduro. Sources of stress and the various dimensions of stress among the cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy.
Vendero, Hannah Mae A. Stress and suicide potential as mediated by self care among secondary public school teachers
Dungca, January G. Students' personality traits and its influence on their perception of effective teacher
Kartagi, Maydrine C. Temperament profile of Adventist University of the Philippines teachers school year 1997/1998
Santos, Ramon Augustus G. Temperament profile of the Seventh-day Adventists parents of the Calamba churches
Orijuela, Criselda O. The coping mechanism of female victims of Mt. Pinatubo eruption in Pampanga
De Rojas, Ma. Adelpha U. The correlation of mental ability and performance rating of grades five and six pupils at the PUC Elementary School
Cabote, Ruperto S. The difference between the math performance and math achievement of students from public and private secondary
Ruelan, Naomi Guarin. The effect of career information program on the level of congruence between occupational aptitudes and preferences of senior High School Students at Pasay City Academy.
Missah, Laura The effect of frequency of watching cartoon to a child's aggressive behavior
Orion, Linda L. The effect of group dynamics on the Philippine Union College freshmen
De Leon, Jezamine R. The effect of progressive muscle relaxation techniques to the test anxiety of selected general psychology students of AUP, 1st semester year 2000-2001
Limbag, Carol T. The effect of selected compositions of Ludwig Van Beethoven on the memorization of grade six students of POOC Elementary School
Caponpon, Irelyn D. The effect of the number of hours spent in televiewing to the English performance of Grade VI pupils of Philippine Union College Elementary School SY 1991-1992
Pellejera, Abner P. The growth of Philippine Nationalism from 1872-1898 [manuscript] : an analysis
John, Violet. The implementation and effectiveness of guidance program objectives toward student development at the Adventist University of the Philippines : an assessment
Shirley Jane Villanueva. The leadership styles and job satisfaction of workers of intel technology in Javalera, Gen. Trias, Cavite
Bernal, Hairon The relationship between behavior styles and the stress resilience level of the sophomore students of Philippine Union College school year 1994-1995
Mawanay, Ester Garcia. The relationship between ego states and self-actualization of south-central luzon mission elementary school teachers.
Olores, Melody Aquino The relationship between leadership behavior and workers efficiency
Lamsarully Judith Francisca. The relationship between leadership variables and job performance of student leaders of singing and small group of Adventist University of the Philippines on first semester 1997-1998
Aguilar, Anna Liza V. The relationship between ordinal position and emotional adjustment
De Chavez, Merlyn H. The relationship between parenting style and the self-esteem of AUP freshmen students 2nd semester, SY 2000-2001
Lontiong, Danilyn Joy R. The relationship between personality types and ego-strength of late adolescents of Adventist University of the Philippines CY 1998-1999
Galvan, Narissa Gay N. The relationship between personality types, temperament, and emotional stability of drug dependents of National Bureau of Investigations-treatment and rehabilitation center
Princesa, Roselyn The relationship between prolonged stress to health illness
Del Rosario, Nestor The relationship between self-esteem and ego-strength of the faculty and staff of the Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1996-1997
Njagi, Salome Ruguru. The relationship between teacher burnout and motivation in Cavite province
Reyes, Randalph Castro The relationship between temperament and the choice of career of the junior and senior psychology students of Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1998-1999
Mangowal, Maryleen The Relationship between the degree of self-control to the level of anxiety proneness of the overseas students of Adventist University of the Philippines school year 1996-1997
Wickramarachichi, Priyanga The Relationship between the stress residency and self confidence level of freshman students of Adventist University of the Philippines for the school year 1996-1997
Mole, Kan Maio The relationship of emotional hardiness to the early independence of working of Adventist University of the Philippines
Morta, Ma. Cristina S. The relationship of emotional hardiness to the early independence of working of Adventist University of the Philippines
Nebres, Rosemarie Jean M. The relationship of job satisfaction to absenteeism of the non-teaching regular workers of Adventist University of the Philippines
Jamili, Ferry Mae The relationship of parent's smoking habits and their children's smoking behavior
Baysantos, Julie Ann Alcaraz The relationship of parental absence to emotional intelligence
Togueno Suse Jr. The relationship of personality structure to career preference of the fourth-year high school students of Philippine union college academy and Pasay city academy batch 95-96
Noriega, Normita H. The relationship of physical health status and personal values to the two levels of job burnout of Seventh-day Adventsit secretaries in North Philippine Union Mission
Bantigue, Alvir D. The relationship of self-confidence to self-efficiency to late adolescents of Adventist University of the Philippines
Galapon, Jemma R. The relationship of self-esteem to academic performance of freshmen student of the Adventist University of the Philippines
De la Paz, Nemencia The relationship of self-esteem to the academic performance of senior student of Lumil National High School
Relloso, Jamilyn Day A. The relationship of self-esteem to the degree of jealousy
Bauzon, Arden Glenn L. The relationship of social media to the communicative competence of high school students
Escobar, Cristina The relationship of stress to emotional eating of AUP college students
Ballesteros, Noemi M. The relationship of too much sleep to academic performance
Joel, Adriana The role of music in the life of medical students
Joeman, Rivaldo Uvang Tracer study on the music majors who passed the let exam from 2013-2018
Zabala, Samantha Jane B. Understanding quarterlife period
Gono, Alpha Gem Futalan Verbal aggression : its influence on satisfaction in romantic relationships
Bautista, Jullius Ian O. Vicarious bullying, hope and aggression
Herodias, Eunice Vivien S. Work attitude and burnout among medical health professionals as mediated by altruism
Ebron, Almira R. Work values and attitudes : their relationship to job burnout
Sara, Princess C. Working student noon, ito na ako ngayon a phenomenological study



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