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Seniors' Class of 2018-2019 A Community dental health program at Santo Domingo Elementary School, 2018-2019
Fourth Year's class of 2012/13 A Community Dentistry Class Program at Puting Kahoy Elementary School
Senior Class 2014-2015 A Community Dentistry Class Program at Puting Kahoy Elementary School
Senior Class 2014-2015 A Community Dentistry Class Program at Puting Kahoy Elementary School
Andaya, Arlyz Elyssa L. A Comparative study of the personal tooth brushing with that of the bass tooth brushing technique in elementary pupils
Orais, Reņer A. A Comparative study on the level of difficulties encountered by the left-handed pre-clinical and clinical students in the selected dental schools in NCR CALABARZON
Rotich, Enock K. A descriptive study on tooth size-arch length discrepancy among Filipino children aged 7-9 years old of the Adventist University of the Philippines Elementary School
Oyieke, Mercy A. A survey on the immunization status and the level of knowledge about hepatitis B virus infection among industrial denstists in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Beatriz, Rovelyn Mae C. A Survey on the knowledge and practices of dental clinicians in establishing rapport towards their patients : development of a manual
Mandere, Sharon A Survey on the knowledge, attitude and practices in oral health of pregnant women in Imperial and Muzon areas of Silang, Cavite
Roldan, Rita C. Addressing the problems of rampant caries and dental fear among children
Bartolome, Oliver E. An in vivo study of the wound healing properties of virgin coconut oil (VCO) on extraction wounds of rats
Asuncion, Rodney Quine Analysis of water supply in the College of Dentistry (AUP) : a basis for protocol in maintaining quality water
Dominguez, Jochebed Dianem C. Antibacterial activity of a developed lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus) mouthrinse prepared at difference concentrations
Agustin, Daniel Antibacterial effect of Plumeria acuminata bark extract against Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, Fusobacterium nucleatum and Staphylococcus aureus
Falia, Joyjoy Gladys Antibacterial effectiveness of different brands of glutaraldehyde in different soaking time periods and its effect on carbide burs
Concel, Luke Ivan F. Assessment of occupational health and safety practices among faculty, clinicians and non-teaching staff in Adventist University of the Philippines college of dentistry : basis for protocol
Community Dentistry Batch 2013-2014 Community dental health program 2013 - 2014
Aggarao, Faith Antoinette M. Comparative study of post-operative droplet contamination of dental working areas using aerosol generating procedures in periodontology restorative department
Chifamba, Timothy Creativity in relation to academic and clinical performance in Adventist University of the Philippines-College of Dentistry proper students
Halder, Saynta Malvin Dental anxiety among adolescents and adults: towards a development of a management guide
Virgines, Marissa H. Dental health education program for Adventist University of the Philippines day care pupils Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite
Demerey, Lorraine C. Dentistry students' climate and its relationship to academic attitude
Bollong, Melody May Development of a muntingia calabura L. anti-bacterial mouthwash
Banquil, Melrose P. Development of soy pulp-based (okara) hand sanitizer for dental applications
Molina, Precious Jane L. Effectiveness of autoclaving using different sterilizing containers in Adventist University of the Philippines-College of Dentistry
Osorio, Melissa Joy B. Effectiveness of music intervention in reducing dental anxiety related to the sound of high-speed handpiece in pediatric patients aged 6 years old
Barrameda, Angellen Aileen P. Effectiveness of promotional video and reading material on the knowledge attitude, practices and plaque index of selected pregnant women
Castronuevo, Lara Angela A. Effectiveness of storytelling on children with high dental anxiety : basis for pediatric dentistry material
Siziba, Juliana Effects of different exercise intensities on specific biomarkers of saliva
Dato , Rachel Anne Tabucol Emotional intelligence & determination levels of dentistry student's who finished on time : basis of intervention program
Bathan, Saskia Emotional Intelligence and the Clinical Performance of Dental Clinicians in Adventist University of the Philippines College of Dentistry
Abacan, Frances Anne D. Factors affecting patient's non-compliance to dental recall at AUP college of Dentistry
Musvosvi, Anesu Caleb Flossing habits of students in Adventist University of the Philippines
Diesta, Krisha Fluoride content verification of groundwater diluted with surface water : reference for preventive oral health
Barros, Ervin John Acoba Hemostatic activity of saba banana (Musa sapientum Linn. Var. Compressa) peel extract on sparague dawley rats
Dayacap, Aaron Jan D. In vitro assessment of the antimicrobial activity of Western honey and bee propolis
Imperio, Kevin Brendt P. In vitro study of antibacterial and antifungal efficiency of cacao bean husk extract on selected oral pathogens
Chifamba, Daniel Incidence of sharps injuries and the attitudes, practices and level of knowledge among dentistry students of Adventist University of the Philippines
Franche, Roldan Art Influence of smoking on the periodontal status among areas served by Adventist University of the Philippines community extension services
Ho, Angelica Septimo Inhibition effects of activated coconut (Cocosnucifra) shell charcoal on selected oral pathogens : an in vitro study
Senior Class 2017-2018 Ishield 6's: : a community dental health program for grade 3 pupils at Santo Domingo Elementary School (2017-2018)
Akimpaye, Josiane Learning styles and academic performance among dentistry proper students : development of a learning style guideline for teachers
Sepang, Carryl Franly Level of awareness, attitude and practices on disposal of sharp, photogenic and toxic wastes among private dental practitioners in Silang, Cavite
Ramos, Myzel C. Multiple intelligence and academic performance of the dentistry proper students of the Adventist University of the Philippines
Mandalas, Henry Y. Oral health impact profile of Adventist University of the Phil. College of Dentistry patients in Silang, Cavite
Gabutero, Chrysolyte Larr P. Oral health program planning and evaluation in International Children's Care Orphanage
Sine, Makda Getachew Oral Hygiene Practices and Its Relation to Caries Prevalence, and Oral Hygiene Index Among Children with Special Needs
Das, Prahlad Perception in free dental mission of residents of Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite : an analysis
Sonue, Parl Prevalence of dental caries on permanent first molars of 7-years old school-aged children: basis for the use of pit and fissure sealants
Mbonimana, Michel Relationship between knowledge and attitude of Carmen community regarding replacement of missing teeth
Ruto, Robert Kipkemei Relationship between perceived learning environment and academic performance among Adventist University of the Philippines-College of Dentistry proper students
Kibuuka, Ham S. Stress level identification and its manifestations among Adventist University of the Philippines, College of Dentistry proper students
Bello, Doreen Leigh P. Stress levels, coping strategies, and academic performance of Adventist University of the Philippines- College of Dentistry proper students
Malabad, Lanzielle Survey of antibiotics self medication knowledge and practices in the community of Barangay Pulong Santa Cruz Sta Rosa, Laguna
Tekle, Luela Birhanu The capability of three dental school on handling medical emergency cases
Tsitsi, Grace Tichiwanhuyi The Relationship between personality and clinical performance among AUP-COD clinicians in 2013-2014
Falia, Edison Time management practices of students, residents and alumni of the Adventist University of the Philippines, college of dentistry



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