Turnitin Guidelines

1. Paraphrased correctly and anyone who want to avail the turnitin services must remember to submit a document that is included a reference to clearly indicate the parts of your work that are drawn from another person’s work.
2. Used direct quotations sparingly. Carefully selected quotations add to the points you are making, but they don’t, in themselves, add to the quality of your work.
3. Provided a reference for every image, diagram or figure (unless you created it). Creation is when you produce something new.
4. Include reference list of all work cited.
5. Keep a copy of the original sources that you have referenced. Always keep your work and the original reference together losing the original source of the information is poor academic practice, and it means you might end up submitting work without a reference; or, you might end up submitting it with the wrong reference.
6. Do not used copy and paste to take text from another source (unless it is a direct quote and you reference it). This is VERY important. If you copy and paste from a source and fail to reference it properly then you have plagiarized.
7. Do not used another student’s work, or submitted someone’s work as your own.
8. Do not copied from a previous assignment submitted to this or any other unit.