Terms & Conditions

  1. Only the bona fide students, faculty and staff are allowed to borrow resources.
  2. Number of Books Allowed for Loans
    • Undergraduate Students – 5 books and subject for 2 renewals
    • Graduate Students – 10 books subject for 2 renewals
    • Post Graduate – 10 books subject for 2 renewals
    • Faculty & Staff – Maximum of 15 books subject for 2 renewals
  3. Reserve Books. Students/Faculty may check out one book for overnight use at 5:00 PM and must be returned the following morning as soon as the library opens.
  4. General reference books, Filipiniana reference, Periodicals, Theses, Baby theses, Pamphlet files and Vertical file clippings, Curriculum library resources, Fernandez collection and Institutional repository are for room use only but with permission they may be taken out for photocopy purpose. In some cases, periodicals may be loaned overnight or weekends. CD-ROMs are for room use only.
  5. Overdue Fines. A fine shall be collected to an overdue material/s with the amount of Php3.00 per day for circulation books and per hour for reserve books, reference and periodicals excluding Saturdays and holidays.
  6. Lost Book. Please report lost book/s immediately to the Circulation counter. A lost book should be replaced with the same title or pay the amount of the book plus Php150.00 processing fee and the computed fines.
  7. Lost date due card. A fine of Php100.00 will be collected every time a due date card is lost.
  8. Lost Baggage Number. A fine of Php100.00 will be collected every time a baggage number is lost.
  9. Photocopying of Library Materials.  Only abstract and 10% of the total pages of baby theses, master’s theses and dissertations are allowed. Books or electronic resources are not allowed to be reproduced except for back up of when demand of use is heavy.
  10. Alumni are entitled for 10 free visits or use of the printed resources only. Electronic resources are excluded. Php50.00 per visit will be collected after the free visits.
  11. Visitors are welcome any time the library is open. Php50.00 will be collected per visit per head.
  12. Students with laptop can use inside the premise of the library provided they are used to enhance their research needs.
  13. Use of computers. Undergraduate students are entitled to use in ITSS for 100 hours per term. Graduate students, faculty and staff are entitled to use at the graduate library for unlimited hours. Alumni and visitors are required to pay Php30.00 per hour for using computers or laptops.
  14. Customer’s Conduct inside the library:
    • Proper conduct is expected to the users at all times. Any staff on duty has the authority to call the attention of anyone causing disturbance inside.
    • Observe silence.
    • Cellphones should be turned off or put into silent mode upon entering the library. Receive calls outside the library.
    • Seats are not to be disarranged.
    • Carrels are for single user only. For group works, a table is available for use.
    • Dress code. Library users are expected to wear shoes or sandals and uniforms or any attire that reflect decency, simplicity and modesty. Modest attire fully covers the breast, belly and thighs. Wearing of spaghetti blouse (for ladies), undershirts (for men), short pants, and slippers is out-of-place in the library.
  15. Mutilation. The pages of a book are accounted for it is loaned out. Missing pages of returned books and periodicals has to be replaced with the same title or paid for. If a duplicate copy is available, Php50.00 per page is charged for the photocopy and repair.