Statistics Report of Rendered Services

JLDM Library

From January 1 to July 07, 2020

Reference & Information Services (ask a librarian – free apps)Jan-MayJune-PresentComplainsAddressed
Real-Time Chat54660120
Library Facebook PageComplainsAddressed
Page View325660391
Personal Inquiries in E-mail or MessagesJan-MayJuly-PresentComplainsAddressed
Graduate Studies Librarian – Alva30030
Graduate Studies Librarian – Alva/MOC724031
Reference/Reader’s Librarian – Carina1140051
Serial Librarian – Sheena707
Acquisition/Catalog/IR/–Cyrus, Neonem and Ninda20020
Document Delivery ServicesJanuary-Present
College of Business5,091
Graduate Studies2,653
College of Education375
College of Science & Technology10,837
College of Nursing13,310
College of Health & Theology6,911
General Total39,177
DigitizationNo. of BooksNo. of Chapters Delivered
College of Business 16
Graduate Studies17
College of Education 22
College of Science & Technology 23
College of Nursing 7

College of Health
College of Theology1
Downloaded e-Books
380 Titles
Turnitin Service No. of Title (theses & Dissertations) No. of students & faculty Catered
January – Present January – Present