Document Delivery Service

Request for Document Delivery

The document delivery service processes articles and book chapter requests from the journals, books, e-resources and other materials available only in AUP JLDM Libraries. These documents are scanned and can be picked up in person or sent electronically via email.

Requests may be sent to this link with the specific information regarding the material being requested. This includes the title of the article/chapter, the journal/book where it appeared, place and date of publication, page numbers to be requested, and other pertinent details.

Get your quick information needs to be delivered to you in 4-5 steps.

  1. Search our Web OPAC
  2. Send you request here
  3. Wait for the delivery to your e-mail.
  4. Share the document(s) to your classmates (optional)
  5. Information sources arrives at your e-mail.